Have you found a wreck and need expert help? We have the expertise.

We carry out research and conservation projects within the area of marine archaeology, and are the referring organ for questions concerning the management of cultural heritage under water.

Our mission involves building up the maritime cultural heritage. We work actively to preserve vessels of cultural and historical importance. We also offer advice and networking. We aim to establish a knowledge bank about the maritime cultural heritage with special emphasis on Swedish naval defence.

Marine archaeological consultancy

The Swedish National Maritime and Transport Museums offers consultancy services within marine archaeology. Contact us before planning projects and physical activities on land or under water.
Our marine archaeologists have wide competence within both marine and land archaeology. Our activities are primarily directed to wrecks and remains under water, but investigations are also carried out on land.

We offer different types of marine archaeological services:

• information on the whereabouts of ancient sites
• evaluation of the risks of damage to an ancient site by land use
• cultural-historical basis for environmental impact reports
• referral answers
• archaeological prospecting
• archaeological investigations in accordance with the Heritage Act