All of our three museums, the Maritime Museum, the Naval Museum and the Vasa Museum, contain extensive collections of artefacts, archives and libraries.


The library of the Maritime Museum has Scandinavia's largest collection of maritime literature.
The library at the Naval Museum specialises on the fields of sea battles, military history and technique, and shipbuilding.


The archive at the Naval Museum contains over 4,000 drawings, maps and sea charts and other documents related to naval history.
• The Maritime Museum has an archive of material from shipyards including drawings of ships and pleasure boats, personal archives, art, letters and diaries as well as marine archaeological documentation. It contains over 42,000 drawings and sea charts.
• Both the Maritime Museum and the Naval Museum have photographic archives with almost a million photographs from donated collections and from the museums' own documentation. Here you find the photographic archives at the Maritime Museum and here the photographic archive at the Naval Museum.

Artefact collections

The Vasa Museum's artefact collection includes over 30,000 separate finds discovered during salvaging of the ship.
The Naval Museum's artefact collections reflect the Swedish Navy's history from Sweden's time s a great power in the 17th century to the present with c.55,000 objects.
The Maritime Museum's artefact collections contain c. 100,000 artefacts which relate to both civil and military seafaring past and present.


The records of the Maritime Museum and the Swedish Maritime Administration's Information System (SjöMIS) with its notifications on wrecks and sinkings, have been added to the database of the Swedish National Heritage Board (RAÄ), Fornsök. This means that all of Sweden's ancient remains on land and on water are now available on the Internet.