Research shall constitute a natural, integral aspect of the Swedish National Maritime and Transport Museums’ activities.  It is primarily the Cultural Heritage Unit that works with matters relating to research.

The Cultural Heritage Unit team endeavours to develop partnerships with higher education institutions, supports the production of exhibitions, assists in putting together the museums' lecture programmes and acts as an internal support in matters concerning knowledge and scientific approaches. The unit is also responsible for maintaining contact with the Centre for Maritime Studies at Stockholm University, which is partly funded by the Swedish National Maritime and Transport Museums (SMTM).

Research is primarily conducted within subjects that are associated with SMM's activities. Latterly, this research has been focused on submarines (from both historical and archaeological perspectives), waste in the sea, modern shipwrecks and the impact of the Cold War on Blekinge, for example. Historical archaeology research is also being conducted into the wreck of the Vasa, together with universities in Sweden, Denmark, the United States and the UK, and scientific research into the technology used in the Vasa's long-term preservation is being undertaken in close collaboration with Uppsala University and the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences.