At the Swedish Maritime and Transport Museums, SMTM, there are extensive collections, archives and libraries. Since 2018, the Road and Traffic Collections in Kjula and Arlanda Aviation Collections also belongs to SMTM. 

The Naval Museum's collection

The Naval Museum's collection consists of more than 55 000 objects, 20 000 drawings, 250 metres of shelves containing archival documents, 50 000 photographs, and about 20000 books. The collection dates back to 1752. A selection of the collection is displayed in the exhibitions at the museum. Most of the objects are however preserved in the museum storages and archives.

The Maritime Museum's collections

In the Maritime Museum's rich collections, there are approximately 900 000 photographs, 50 000 objects and 45 000 ship and boat drawings that connect to the museum's subject area: Sweden's seafaring and maritime cultural heritage. The collections include, among other things, unique navigational instruments, leisure boats, models and marine archaeological material.

The Vasa Museum's collections

The Vasa Museum collections include the more than 40 000 objects that were found in and around the ship. The objects and ship give a unique picture of everyday life at sea and on land, and of shipbuilding techniques and nautical warfare in the early 1600s. Objects not on display are stored in one of our two museum stores.

The Railways Museum's collections

The Railway Museum's collection is of international top class and consists of over 300 vehicles from the mid-1800s to the present day, including Prins August which is the world's oldest operable locomotive. The collections do not only consist of vehicles but also objects, photographs, archives and books.

The Road and Traffic Collections

The unique road and traffic collections are stored in a former road station in Kjula outside Eskilstuna. The collections consist of around a hundred machines and vehicles from throughout the 20th century, together with thousands of objects of various sizes and designs, all of which are connected to road history.

Arlanda Aviation Collections

Arlanda Aviation Collections are the state's collections from civil aviation. The collections consist of entire aircraft and parts, with the oldest items coming from the early 20th century. The collection tells about the history of aviation in Sweden. In addition to the many objects, there are photographs, personal archives, manuals and books about Swedish aviation history. 

Search the collections

SMTM's collections are available and searchable at the website DigitaltMuseum.

DigitaltMuseum (external link)

Collection and lending

An important part of SMTM's mission is to enrich the collections through new acquisitions. This is done both through proactive collections, such as contemporary documentation, and reactive collections, such as offers of gifts. The goal of the collection is to increase knowledge of the authority's subject area: the maritime and transport historical cultural heritage. SMTM also offers loans from the authority's collections, as it is a way of making them available and spreading knowledge about the maritime and transport historical cultural heritage to a larger audience and in more places in Sweden and abroad.

Offers of gifts to or questions about loans from the museum collections are made to the registrar by e-mail.


SMTM aims for a living maritime and transport historical cultural heritage that is constantly developed and made visible. Digital resources and technologies are important tools for that. Therefore, SMTM works to ensure that the maritime and transport historical cultural heritage is digitized, accessible and usable for everyone and of high quality.