Transport is easy both in Stockholm and on Åland. 


Transportation options from Arlanda Airport to Stockholm Centre

There are several ways to travel from the airport to Stockholm City Centre. If you take the Swedish railway your destination is “Stockholm Central Station” (in Swedish: Centralen). If you choose the local commuter trains or metro, as well as airport coaches your destination is “Stockholm City”. The two stations are very close to each other and are connected underground.

By train

High-speed trains

The high-speed train Arlanda Express is the fastest option. It is a nonstop train to Stockholm Central. Furthermore, between terminals 2, 3, 4 and 5 you travel at no cost and the trip takes only one minute.

Travel time: ca 20 minutes.
Ticket price: SEK 280

Commuter train

Commuter trains, operated by SL, depart twice an hour from Arlanda Central Station, which is situated in Sky City. It has many stops along the way.

Travel time: about 40 minutes. 
Ticket price: SEK 151 (adult); SEK 141 (discounted fare age 65+).

By airport coaches

Airport coaches between Arlanda airport and the Stockholm City Centre run every ten minutes for most of the day. The route has many bus stops along the motorway, including St Eriksplan and Stockholm City.

Travel time: ca 45-50 minutes. 
Ticket price: SEK 119

By Taxi

Free price setting applies to taxi rides in Sweden, seeing as the taxi market is deregulated. You do not need to take the car that is first in line. Choose the company and car that best suits you.

Always ask the taxi for a fixed price. If you have received a fixed price, it should be entered and visible in the taxi meter before your journey starts. The taxi meter must be activated throughout your journey. The fixed price is almost always better than the meter rate.

Most common taxi companies

  • Taxi Stockholm - Phone number: +46 8 - 15 00 00
  • TaxiKurir - Phone number: +46 8 - 30 00 00
  • Taxi 020 - Phone number: +46 20 - 20 20 20

Transportation in Stockholm City Centre

There are many different ways to transport oneself in Stockholm. Be sure to buy a ticket before you board any type of public transport. You cannot buy a ticket onboard. Failure to show a valid ticket on demand during a control will result in a penalty fee of 1200 SEK.

The public transportation network, i.e. metro, buses, trams and public ferries, uses the same type of ticket.

You can buy your ticket at Pressbyrån, 7-Eleven, SL-service center, automated ticket machines or online.

Useful travel apps

Best way to the Maritime museum (Sjöhistoriska museet)

  1. Bus 69 Blockhusudden/Kaknästornet from T-Centralen. Exit the bus at the bus stop named Sjöhistoriska museet. About 142 m to walk.

Best way to the Vasa museum (Vasamuseet)

  1. Bus 69 Blockhusudden/Kaknästornet from T-Centralen. Exit the bus at the bus stop named Djurgårdsbron. Cross the bridge and follow the signs to the museum located behind the Nordic museum. About 499 m to walk.
  2. Tram 7 Waldemarsudde from Centralen. Exit the tram at the tram stop Nordiska museet/Vasamuseet. About 465 m to walk
  3. Bus 67 Skansen from Karlaplan. Exit the bus at the bus stop Nordiska museet/Vasamuseet.


Travelling to Åland

The participants of the conference will travel together on Tuesday morning to Åland on the Viking Line passenger ferry ms Grace. The bus to the ferry leaves from the Central Station in Stockholm. The conference program continues on ms Grace. The ferry will arrive to Mariehamn on Åland in the afternoon, where there will be transfer coaches to the hotels.

Moving around in Mariehamn

In Mariehamn, everything is within walking distance, never more than 15-20 minutes on foot. There are taxis if needed.

Travelling home from Åland

If you are participating in the post-conference tours, the travelling arrangements from Åland are included in the program.

When you travel home from Åland you can choose between going back to Stockholm and going to Helsinki. You reach both cities by airplane or by ferry. Flying from Åland is a quick and convenient alternative and the international airport on Åland is just five minutes by car from central Mariehamn. If you choose the ferry there are several options, the shortest one being the ferry from Mariehamn to Kapellskär in Sweden that takes 2 hours and 30 minutes. From Kapellskär there is a transfer coach to the Central Station in Stockholm. The transfer from Kapellskär takes about 1 hour.

By boat

Viking Line
Mariehamn - Kapellskär
Mariehamn - Stockholm
Mariehamn - Helsinki

Tallink Silja

Mariehamn - Stockholm
Mariehamn - Helsinki

By airplane

Mariehamn - Helsinki

Air Leap
Mariehamn - Stockholm