ICMM 2019 Speakers

Monday September 16

09:20-09:35 Presentation of the Swedish Maritime Museum by Museum Director Hans-Lennart Ohlsson

09:35-10:20 Keynote 1: Making the boat go faster by Maria Jansén

13:30-13:45 Presentation of the Vasa Museum by Museum Director Lisa Månsson

Tuesday September 17

09:15-10:00 Keynote 2 by Diane Lees

10:35-11:00 Plenary 1: Governance by Richard Bodorff

16:30-16:45 Presentation of the Åland Maritime Museum by Museum Director Hanna Hagmark

16:45-17:00 Presentation of the Pommern Dock by Project Manager Bengt Eriksson

Wednesday September 18

09:00-10:00 Keynote 3: Building winning teams by Thomas Lundberg & Peter Lundberg

11:00-11:35 Plenary 2: The Digital World by Kevin Sumption

11:35-12:10 Plenary 3: The Digital World by Rhian Tritton

15:45-17:00 Workshop x3: Kids in Museums with Heidi Viktorsson / Ship Models with Simon Stephens / Contemporary issues and sensitive legacies with André Kirouac & Thomas Overdick

Thursday September 19

09:00-09:35 Plenary 4: Sustainable Museums Management by Tove Wefald Pedersen

09:35-10:10 Plenary 5: Sustainable Museums Management by Lyle Scott

11:00-11:35 Plenary 6: Learning and Engagement by Mikko Myllykoski

11:35-12:10 Plenary 7: Learning and Engagement by John Orna-Ornstein

14:00-15:15 Workshop x3: Community engagement with Richard Wesley / Funding Trends with Marika Hedin / Transfering Traditional Skills with Kristen Greenaway

ICMM 2019 Curatorial tours

Monday September 16

Swedish Maritime Museum

  1. Battle stations
    A deep dive into the Swedish navy’s history and development, from Lübeck 1522 up to today.
  2. The Voyagers
    Go on a journey to China with the Swedish East India Company and listen to the thoughts and goals that went into the exhibition.
  3. Maritime networks in Sweden
    Our work with forums, the public and listing of historical ships.
  4. Swedish history of pleasure boats
    About the Swedish tradition involving pleasure craft, its age, craft.

Vasa Museum

  1. Changing the Vasa Support Construction
    In order to secure Vasa's long-term preservation, we must build a new support for the ship. An inner steel skeleton should minimize future movements and deformations.
  2. Preserving Vasa
    Past and present conservation treatments and long-term preservation measures for the ship and wooden objects in the Vasa collection.
  3. The Vasa Stores
    Join a tour behind the scenes in the Vasa Museum’s stores and see objects that are not shown in our exhibitions.
  4. Latest research on the Vasa
    In the last few years, the Vasa Museum has been engaged in two major research projects, about the interior furnishings of the cabins in the stern (the only surviving royal interior from the time of Gustav Adolf) and the clothing of the crew (the largest collection of ordinary people’s clothing from before 1700 in northern Europe). Director of Research Fred Hocker will present some of the findings of these projects together with plans for experimental reconstructions of the finds.
  5. Interactivity and interpretation for all ages and nationalities - Vasas exhibitions
    The changing digital habits and behaviors of the outside world put pressure on exhibitions and public environments, also for the Vasa Museum. Take part in a digital work-in-progress that needs to take into account the large numbers of visitors as well as good flows through the house.
  6. Students of all ages, programming for schools at Vasa
    One ship – a thousand stories: How Vasa is the possible starting point for learning in every subject in the school curriculum - and how the Vasa museum is a place for children and their families where they can explore and experience history together.
  7. The other 10% - getting Stockholmers to return to Vasa
    Siri Beer Boman, Museum Program Manager presents the Vasa Museum´s programming strategy to recruit, retain and engage the local audience.
    The Vasa Museum hosts on average 25 different programs with more than 2000 participants annually. Welcome to find out more about how the Vasa Museum programming is conducted in a yearly cycle by theme, speakers and performers, communication, staff and other logistics.

Tuesday September 17

Åland Maritime Museum

  1. A People of the Sea
    General tour of the Åland Maritime Museum main exhibition.
  2. Family in Focus
    A tour focusing on what we offer families, including opportunities for play and crafts.
  3. Behind the exhibition
    A tour presenting the subtle connections between objects, texts and images of the exhibition.
  4. Concept development of Pommern 100 days under sail
    A presentation of how we went about creating a fictious voyage based on a true story.