SMTM was awarded Sweden's most modern government agency in 2023. The award was presented at the Quality Fair in Gothenburg on 21 November 2023.

SMTM won the award with the justification:

"The Swedish National Maritime and Transport Museums is an authority that works with our history and to preserve and develop the cultural heritage. Despite that, SMTM is an authority with an eye on the future and the outside world. A modern way of working and a clear orientation in sustainability work, the ability to use the latest technology to develop access to and knowledge of Swedish cultural heritage, together with the ability to solve even unexpected challenges make SMTM Sweden's most modern government agency. In a troubled time, SMTM has shown new possibilities in the meeting between civil preparedness and the care of cultural heritage, both in Sweden and in Ukraine".

About the award

Sweden's most modern government agency is an award given by Kvalitetsmässan in collaboration with the trade unions Saco-s and ST. Sweden has 343 government agencies that work to ensure that citizens and businesses receive a good and efficient service, and everyone can participate in the competition.

The jury, led by chairman Natasa Ristic Davidson, State Secretary at the Ministry of Finance, assessed the authorities based on four criteria areas:

  • Legal certainty and efficiency
  • Leadership and employeeship
  • Renewal and innovation
  • Sustainable Development