Research shall constitute a natural, integral aspect of the Swedish National Maritime and Transport Museums’, SMTM, activities.  

Research is primarily conducted within subjects that are associated with SMTM's activities. 

Research in collaboration 

The research is often conducted in collaboration with different universities.

In collaboration with Stockholm University, SMTM has created the Center for Maritime Studies (CEMAS), a research center with a focus on maritime history, ethnology and archaeology.

Among other things, research is being carried out here on sea mines as heirlooms and akers, as well as on Swedish shipping and trade during the 18th century.

"The Lost Navy - Sweden's "blue" cultural heritage 1450-1850" is an interdisciplinary research program that maps, documents and researches the Swedish navy. The program will run 2021–2026 and is a collaboration between the Centre for Maritime Studies at Stockholm University, the Swedish National Maritime and Transport Museums and the Finnish Heritage Agency.

The programme is funded by Riksbankens Jubileumsfond.

Conservators and scientists from many countries are collaborating in order for Vasa to continue to fascinate and spread knowledge about her time. The vision is to keep her preserved for a thousand years.

Read more about the research at the Vasa Museum webb.